Snorkelling Koh Lipe

Spend a day snorkelling Koh Lipe and discover what lies beneath the waters surface. As one of the main tourist attractions of the Tarutao National Marine Park, the stunning island of Koh Lipe offers holiday makers and travellers a taste of the tropics, with an abundance of aquatic marine life. With such warm waters and rich marine life, snorkelling Koh Lipe is one of the top activities to do here.

Snorkelling experiences round this tiny island are unforgettable with brilliant coral reefs to explore and fish that aren’t shy to get up close. There are areas around each beach on the island, which offer wonderful snorkelling either in the clear shallows around the island coves and rocks, or even for swimmers far out into the depths.

It is possible to rent a snorkel, mask and fins at a number of dive and travel shops on Walking Street. Along the main beaches such as Pattaya Beach and Sunrise Beach, there are also opportunities for rent equipment for the day, should you choose to snorkel close to the island bays. Cost of a snorkel and mask is usually super cheap, which means backpackers on a budget as well as holiday makers in upmarket resorts both have the opportunity to explore underwater territory. Usually it will cost nothing over 100 baht for a mask and snorkel and if you choose to hire fins for the day as well, there is an extra charge of 100 baht. Fins give swimmers the opportunity to move smoothly through the water without becoming exhausted. Many resorts and hotels offer snorkel rental too, or they may even loan you the equipment for free if you are staying at the resort.

Where to Snorkel

The best to go snorkelling Koh Lipe is thought to be around the two tiny, uninhibited islands just off Sunrise Beach. Koh Kra, which is directly in front of the school on Koh Lipe and Koh Usen, which is situated in front of Idyllic Resort; both display coral reefs that are majestic and colourful with sublime aquatics that are memorable and unique. The sea at Sunrise Beach is crystal clear and shallow until you reach the small islands where there is a big drop off that reaches deep into the depths of the Andaman Sea. Generally, there are amazing snorkelling opportunities everywhere on Sunrise Beach.

It is recommended to go snorkelling Koh Lipe at specifically Sunrise Beach, when it is at high tide. When the sea is shallow, swimmers must be conscious of the hard corals, which are often quite sharp and dangerous. High tide allows for more freedom in the water, meaning swimmers can glide along the surface of the water with ease above the coral. The under currents can be quite strong around Sunrise Beach, so it’s advisable to wear fins.

Snorkelling Koh Lipe is amazing, but the absolute best spots can be found on a trip to surround islands. Go that little bit further afield and there are plenty of opportunities to check out more reefs and marine life. Koh Lipe is a part of the National Marine Park, which means the waters are swimming with unusual sea life that you are not able to see in other places of the world. The sea here offers cascades of coral, beautiful untouched reefs, fish and other sea creatures, giving swimmers and snorkelers’ experiences that will last a life time.

Many travellers and holiday makers choose to take a boat trip or snorkel trip to surrounding islands within the marine park. This way, they are able to explore the depths of the ocean across the whole of the marine park, rather than limiting the experience to beach snorkelling. When you take a snorkelling trip by boat, you are taken out into the deep waters where shoals of fish will surround you as you paddle at the surface. If you’re lucky, you may see rays, or even turtles.