Shopping Koh Lipe

Pick up some beautiful island trinkets, a handmade leather bag or a new watch. Spend an afternoon shopping Koh Lipe. As Koh Lipe has become increasingly popular, additional facilities have been built on the island to sustain a demanding crowd of tourists. This means, over the past few years, the island has been populated with holiday makers dream amenities, including boutique hotels, bungalow resorts, restaurants, bars and shops.

Although visiting the tropics encourages a lifestyle of relaxation and bliss, most regular holiday makers would like a little ore stimulation. So, when populating Koh Lipe, it was recognised that there might be needs for entertainment; and by entertainment, we mean shopping.

When it comes to shopping Koh Lipe, Walking Street is the perfect destination for a spot of light retail therapy. Considering you are on a small tropical island, you will be surprised what you can find. Walking Street is a quaint little street, which runs from one end of the island to the other, with some smaller streets coming off it. There are no cars, no motorbikes, only space for pedestrians to walk and peruse at your leisure. It is perfect for an evening stroll or a walk while window shopping. If you feel like getting out of the sun for a few hours, there are plenty of little shack shops that you can meander in and out of, catching glimpses of authentic Thai ornaments, beautiful wall hangings and so much more.

The Shops

The shops, which are mainly set up out of wooden shacks are home to lots of things that tourists often go crazy for. You will find clothing stores with an abundance of colourful fabrics selling harem pants, bikinis, swim shorts, sunglasses and handmade leather bags. Everything is on display, there are bags ideal for the beach hanging from ceilings and T-shirts pinned up on the walls so you can see everything there is to offer. Getting lost in amongst the jumble of souvenirs and jewellery can be quite alluring. And things are often so reasonably priced in comparison with the Western world, that it can be difficult leaving empty handed.

Koh Lipe hosts a number of little shops that sell jewellery, usually hand made by jewellers from the mainland and bejewelled with some sort of precious stones or sea shell. They often work with silver and can create really beautiful pieces, unique to Thailand.

Most of the shops will already have a set price for items but it is well worth trying to barter for a better price – the seller will almost expect you to! Quite often sellers will be willing to shift a few 100 THB for an expensive item, and maybe 20-30 THB for smaller cheaper items. Make bartering fun though and always do it with a smile. Ensure you are not rude or expectant, and the likelihood is you will leave the shop after a giggle with the locals, wearing a smile and with a discounted item. Shopping on Koh Lipe can be a real pleasure and if you end up getting a few items for less than you expected to pay – bonus!

If it all gets a bit much in the hot afternoon sun, why not take a break from shopping Koh Lipe and head on into one of the many surrounding bars or restaurants for a refreshing drink.