Restaurants in Koh Lipe

With Koh Lipe fast becoming a known paradise destination, tourism is increasing on the island and amenities are building up fast. When it comes to eating out and restaurants in Koh Lipe, it just keeps getting better, with more and more places being built offering culinary delights from all over the globe. The island began with a few quality restaurants and many eateries in the village, along Walking Street. But over time, Lipe’s coasts have developed culinary efforts that offer opportunity to eat a different nationality of food each night.

There are typical Thai style restaurants and street food carts along Walking Street and you can spot several along the main beach, Pattaya Beach. These restaurants, which are decorated locally, have a simple Thai menu in place, with translation in English. The menu includes a variety of seafood dishes, and being off the coast of the Andaman Sea, there are always plenty of choices when it comes to fresh, quality fish. Street food is on display along Walking Street and is cooked in front of you. Simple foods like fried rice with chicken, Pad Thai or noodle soup are common street food choices and are usually super cheap. Backpackers who are not able to go for extravagant meals can enjoy quality food for as little as 60 baht a meal.

Thai green, red and yellow curries are signature dishes of the south as well as Pad Thai, noodles and stir fry vegetables. These small, local restaurants in Koh Lipe are usually family run by Thai people. The cost of eating at a restaurant here is much more reasonable because the restaurants have simple kitchens and prepare the food to serve fast. Backpackers, tourists on a budget or anyone who wishes to get a feel for real authentic Thai style dining will love these places. Top Tip: dine at restaurants away from the beach front to get even lower prices.

For people who want to dine further up market, there are also many finely set restaurants in Koh Lipe, which pride themselves on quality, service and style. A number of them are connected to the bigger resorts along Pattaya Beach and they offer a wide range of food, all with table service.

The dining options and restaurants in Koh Lipe just keep getting better all the time. Pattaya Beach is home to a number of restaurants offering a wide range of cuisine from traditional Thai dishes to other oriental and western food. Many of the beach bars will offer BBQ dishes after the sun goes down. This usually costs around 350 baht and will include a potato, corn on the cob, and your choice of meat, fish or vegetables. Locals prepare the BBQ on the beach, so you are able to experience a true beach BBQ under the stars.

With a wide choice of Thai and European dining options, street food, Indian cuisine, regional dishes, and options of halal or vegetarian, there is no chance of disappointment on Koh Lipe. The more popular the island has got with tourism, the higher the standard of the food has become. Unless you particularly want to have dinner over looking the ocean along a beach, Walking Street tends to be the best area to head to, just because it has the largest range of restaurants in Koh Lipe.