Koh Lipe Surrounding Islands

Discover what lies beyond Koh Lipe Surrounding islands and explore what makes up the Adang Archipelago. The island of Koh Lipe is part of the Adang Archipelago. The rest of the Adang Archipelago consists of a cluster of about 10 uninhabited islands; Koh Lipe being the only exception with people dwelling there. Day trips to the surrounding islands, organised on Koh Lipe, are very popular and highly recommended as it allows for tourists to explore the marine park, capturing a glimpse of untouched tropics.

Koh Adang, Tarutao and Rawi

These uninhibited Koh Lipe surrounding islands are located just 50 kilometres Northwest of Langkawi. Koh Adang and Rawi are the main islands of the Archipelago, lying 43 kilometres west of Tarutao. Tarutao is composed of sandstone and limestone, creating beautiful cliffs and rocks. The islands of Rawi and Adang offer a stark difference as the rugged hills are made from granite.

Both of these islands possess panoramic viewpoints of the Andaman Sea. Adang’s highest mountain peak reaches 703meters, while Rawi’s tallest mountain is 463meters high. Koh Adang is almost entirely forested, but there is a narrow trail that leads to its high summit, which is named Chado Cliff. Many tourists climb to the viewpoint to see the 365 degree view of Tarutao National Marine Park and the amazing views over Koh Lipe.

There are a number of nature trails on surrounding islands Adang and Rawi, which lead you through dense vegetation and tall trees. There is an abundance of wildlife on these islands; to spot some of the shy inhabitants, it is recommended to stay silent and be mindful of swift movements that might alert panic. Some of the animals among those spotted include wild boars or pigs, squirrels, mouse deer and beautiful tropical birds.

The main beaches of Adang; Khai, Laem Son and Ao Lo Lae Lae are prime examples of untouched tropical paradise. The water is clear, the sand is like powder beneath your feet and there is not another person in sight. The beaches of Rawi, named Lo Lipa and Sai Khao are equally as stunning. Should you choose to take a day trip to the islands, you will be taken by boat to each of these pristine bays.

Koh Hin Nham and Koh Khai

Koh Hin Ngam, or Koh Bula, which means beautiful rocks, is southwest of Adang. This stunning island is different from the others; the beach is made up of oval stones, which look like they have been polished by hand. The mineral quartz in the rocks means they twinkle as the waves wash over them; the light reflects from the sun. This particular island is absolutely stunning for snorkelling.

Koh Khai is an island where many divers head towards as the sea around the island has more depth, with visions of coral deep under the water and an abundance of marine life. Chabangs sunken reef is here too, which is a truly beautiful and mesmerising area to explore. There is a famous stone arch on the island which you may have seen pictures of before; it is a popular picture perfect postcard image and one of the must see natural wonders which forms the extraordinary Tarutao National Marine Park. Many visitors are drawn to Koh Khai because every year turtles choose to lay their eggs along the beaches here – quite an amazing sight to witness if you ever get the opportunity.