Koh Lipe Nightlife

The small L-shaped island is well known for its natural splendour and offers plenty of choice for Koh Lipe nightlife. People travel from far and wide to Thailand to experience its captivating culture and essence, with tourism being one of the main sources of revenue for the local people. Certain regions in Thailand revolve around the party lifestyle; many offer a staggering amount of entertainment and nightlife options every night of the week. However, those traveling to the beautiful island of Koh Lipe often have very different things in mind. This highly desirable island tends to attract travellers who prefer a slower, quieter pace and wish to simply relax and unwind. This more laid back attitude even extends into the Koh Lipe nightlife and is quite apparent in many of the beach front locations.

This being said, if you are looking to stay up a little later than 9pm, then you do still have some options available to you. The island has a wonderful ambiance at night with some light Koh Lipe nightlife that offers relaxation, music, beautiful views and starry nights. People here are friendly; it is easy enough to get to know fellow backpackers as the laid back vibe of the island means people are quite open to sharing tables and making friends. Connecting with locals at any one of the bars on Koh Lipe is also easy enough; a little Bob Marley and music talk will surely strike a bond. The charm of the island always has been, and always will be its down to earth, hippy vibe.

The entire island is serine and non-invasive, allowing for holiday makers to create their own calm environment. Organising evening plans on Koh Lipe is not necessary; the island is small and tropical with nonchalant vibes, which means no rushing, no stresses. Travellers can take it easy and stroll from beach to beach to find a cosy hub somewhere to take rest and enjoy doing as little as possible.

Pattaya Beach is the main beach, a beautiful 1.5km stretch of powder soft sand reaching out into clear waters that reflect moonshine and stars at night. Surely an environment this picturesque is enough to whisk anyone away into bliss. Pattaya Beach is the most popular for Koh Lipe nightlife, with tourists flocking here during high season. Should you take a stroll along this finely sanded beach, you will find there is an abundance of bars and restaurants, all displaying a similar ambiance of reggae, refreshments and relaxation.

The beach bars line along the shores and are surrounded by dense, green jungle. The bars on Koh Lipe are mainly made from driftwood and bamboo and display an array of colourful decorations; maps of the world, paintings of the Buddha, photos of people who have visited Koh Lipe over the years, plants, posters – there is always something to catch your attention. Each place is a gemstone in its own right, with quaint trinkets, rocks, shells, pieces of jewellery, statues and works of art that are unique to the bar. Lazing back relaxing on some floor cushions, listening to reggae and enjoying a beer is what it’s all about here.

There are a number of bars just like this on Pattaya Beach and a benefit to being in the tropics is that the bars open up out onto the beach in the evenings. Around sunset, mats, cushions and low tables are laid out on the sand, inviting holiday makers to enjoy their evening out in the open air. The ambiance along the beach at night in high season is electric, with lights littering the beach, soft music playing, people relaxing and enjoying each other’s company while cameras flash, people smile and everyone says ‘cheers’ to another perfect day spent in paradise.

The majority of the bars in Koh Lipe celebrate Happy Hour daily, so those on a budget can still sample the delicious cocktails on offer. In high season, Pattaya Beach is generally quite busy, with tourists filling most of the bars. It can become a little livelier at night during this season; many of the bars turn the music up a little higher, they run fire shows along the beach, entertaining guests sitting outside and the general vibe is a little more hip.

Commercialism is slowly filtering through the waters of the Andaman Sea through tourism, and Pattaya Beach is one of the hot spots of Koh Lipe. If you are looking to escape for a night and opt for a quieter evening; perhaps one with more of a hippy vibe, you can take a stroll to one of the other beaches on Koh Lipe.

Sunrise Beach and Sunset Beach are not far away, everywhere on the island is within walking distance, there is no necessity for driving a car or motorbike. In the middle of Sunset Beach there is a beach bar made from a collection of driftwood that plays lounge music. The local Thai owner of the bar is super friendly and there is a hippy vibe, relaxed atmosphere. Sunset Beach is picture perfect and completely worth visiting as the sun goes down. Spend a lazy afternoon, or a quiet night under the stars, far away from the crowds.