Koh Lipe Boat Tours

There are daily Koh Lipe boat tours that will allow you to explore beyond the island. Koh Lipe, being a part of the Adang Archipelago, is naturally stunning with unforgettable shorelines, awesome jungle trails, crystal seas alive with aquatics and an ambiance that offers complete perfection. As it is an island of the Tarutao National Marine Park, it is also nearby several other beautiful islands and as a result there are many daily Koh Lipe boat tours.

Since Koh Lipe is a relatively small island to explore, you will have plenty of time to visit the shores of neighbouring islands too. Most of the islands around Koh Lipe are smaller and uninhabited, but they are prime locations of the Adang Archipelago with quests of marine life and coral.

Tourists wishing to adventure further than the island’s beaches have the choice of several Koh Lipe boat tours, many organised by locals who have mapped the best spots to visit. There are standard fair boats of roughly 300 THB that leave from the Koh Lipe’s main pier at designated times. These sheltered long tail boats will take you out into the Andaman Sea and around Lipe’s surrounding islands. Gliding through the clear waters with the sun shining down allows for captivating sights around these precious natural islands.

It is also possible to arrange and charter your very own long tail boat for the day, which is perfect for families and holiday makers traveling in groups. It also works out a lot cheaper and you have the use of the long tail boat for an entire day. Backpackers flying solo who like this idea could also do the same. With such a chill out vibe in the bars on the island, you are likely to bump into fellow travellers who have the same idea about renting a boat for the day. The boat tours from Koh Lipe are always a good place to hang out with other travellers.

Many of the Koh Lipe boat tours visit 4-5 prime snorkelling destinations that are home to an abundance of aquatic life. There are also several beach stops offering you time relax and sunbathe, or play beach games. When you book your boat trip, be sure to find out exact what the price includes. For example, does the tour company you are booking with provide food for the day or do you have to bring your own, and is the mask and snorkel rental included?

Day Tours

Many people choose to book a day tour where approx. 8 people will join together on a long tail boat. Usually lunch will be provided, which you can enjoy on a beautiful beach on one of the islands you visit. The tour company will provide the gear for snorkelling for free, which includes masks, snorkels and fins. The boat captains are all locals who are great masters of the Andaman Sea. They know precisely where to take you at the right time, always planning their trips to correlate with the tides, making sure tourists get the best out of their day.

Far Islands

If you would like an adventure slightly further afield, there are boat tours from Koh Lipe that take you out into the ocean to the neighbouring Archipelago, Tarutao National Marine Park. This magnificent park scopes a vast landscape of the Andaman Sea.

These trips cost a little more as the distance covered is obviously greater but it’s well worth the extra baht. It takes around 1 hour to get to the furthest islands, but this makes for a spectacular ride as you meander between jungle islands that jut out of the sea with sheer cliffs and untouched shorelines. The snorkelling here is absolutely amazing – there are many sightings of giant Manta Rays and turtles during these tours.