Hiking Koh Lipe

For active individuals who love an adventure, hiking Koh Lipe can prove to be an awesome day out. Koh Lipe is a beautiful island where super friendly locals bring in the daily catch for amazing seafood. The beaches are pristine, like that of a post card or picture book. The sea is clear and warm, the sun shines all the year round and the jungles are alive with nature you’ve only ever dreamt of seeing.

Although small, the paradise island of Koh Lipe is a great place for some light to medium hiking. There are no vehicles here, just passages and paths to walk from A to B. in fact, it takes just half an hour to wander from one side of the island to the other.

Although this island is pretty tiny in comparison to most residencies across Thailand, there is still much to do and see. Should you get bored of lazing in the sun catching a tan, you can also opt to take some time out walking and hiking through the jungle. You can’t wander too far since the island is small, so you are completely safe to set aside a few hours to simply get lost in the depths of the jungle. Experience the true essence of nature by going in deep; seek out adventure on newly chartered planes and discover captivating wildlife.

The beauty and benefit of hiking Koh Lipe is you can go out and do it solo. Either in a group or traveling alone, you do not need to book a trip or organise a guide, which means you are able to have the freedom to act as you please. If you want to see some wildlife up close, the locals recommend hiking Koh Lipe in silence so you don’t disturb the birds and animals. Also, be mindful of hasty movement that might send animals running in the opposite direction. A number of wild animals are commonly spotted on Koh Lipe, including huge monitor lizards, wild boars, king fishers, cobras and much more.

The forest-seascape combination is not to be missed, taking in nature in all its glory; blue lagoon like waters, sand that glows white under the sun and lush green vegetation screaming with natures beautiful sounds. Without a doubt, hiking Koh Lipe is a magical day out; the hike to Cha Doa Cliff being particularly amazing.

Hiking Beyond Koh Lipe

For active travellers and those keen to see and do a little more than just rest and relax on the beach, there is also the option to take a boat trip over to the neighbouring island, Koh Adang and go hiking there. The foreboding limestone mountains of Koh Adang rise from the Andaman Sea in a dramatic fashion, looking out over the Adang Archipelago’s many islands.

Koh Lipe has become more developed over the years, whereas Adang is still uninhibited, which makes for the perfect hiking environment. The island is a natural haven, with mangroves, dense vegetation and jungle, beautiful beaches and mountains. The national park offers basic accommodation and camping in high season, but if you can’t bear to leave Koh Lipe’s creature comforts behind for too long, Adang is perfect for a day trip too. Hike up to the mountain tops and you’ll be captivated by the panoramic views of Tarutao National Marine Park.