Getting Around Koh Lipe

Getting around Koh Lipe is mainly on foot or long tail boat. There are small concrete roads/paths linking the various beaches, with walking street being the main road. Not many of these paths/roads are lit at night so make sure you are carrying a torch. For the few of you that don’t wish to get around on foot – especially if just arriving with heavy luggage, there are some¬†motorcycle taxi’s with sidecars waiting on the Pattaya Beach (where you arrive by boat) and can likewise take you anywhere on the island for a fixed price per person.

Long tail taxi boats will take you from any point on the island to any other point on the island for around 50 THB to 100 THB. You cannot rent motorbikes or cars here and to be honest there wouldn’t be any point as all amenities are within easy reach just by walking.

Some resorts do offer a pick-up service for when you arrive. Please contact your resort at the time of booking to arrange this if required. Depending where on the island your resort is located, will depend on whether they provide a pick-up service or not.

Renting a kayak from your resort or some of the dive shops at the beach is also a great way of getting around Koh Lipe (literally). You can slowly paddle your way around the whole island if you wish, taking in the beautiful scenery and stopping off for some snorkelling or relax on a different beach. It takes just over 3 hours if you would like to kayak around the whole of Koh Lipe. Don’t forget your sunscreen and snorkelling equipment!

Hiking is another popular way of getting around Koh Lipe while enjoying the wildlife, views and tropical fauna. Ask at your resort for the best tracks to follow for a leisurely hike on Koh Lipe!