Attractions on Koh Lipe

Welcome to paradise and many spectacular attractions on Koh Lipe that you really must visit during your stay. The island belongs to the Adang-Rawi Archipelago, which is situated on the outskirts of the Tarutao National Marine Park. Koh Lipe is a beautiful dream-like island, set 60km away from the Thai mainland and can be reached from the Bak Para Pier. Lipe is a mere 30km away from Langkawi, a breathtaking island of Malaysia, which can actually be seen from Koh Lipe when the weather is fine and clear.

Unlike other well-known islands such as Koh Lanta, Koh Phangan, and Phuket; Koh Lipe is a place in which people flock to really get off the map. Being a tiny island, which you can walk around in about one hour, it is a peaceful residence and offers complete tranquility for seekers of relaxation and time to just chill out. Although small, there are plenty of attractions on Koh Lipe to keep you amused, entertained, active and in ore of this stunning part of Thailand.

Beaches, Waterfalls and Viewpoints

There are three main beaches on the island, Sunset Beach which is on the west coast, Sunrise Beach in the east and Pattaya Beach to the south. You can spend days just lounging on these brilliant beaches, which all sport powder-like white sand and crystal clear waters. This island makes the perfect backdrop for any holiday photo and since it is made up of lush green jungle and palm trees, the beaches have ample shaded areas for those who don’t want to bake in the midday sun. For you sun worshippers, there’s plenty of open spaces to lay your body down on the sand and work on that all important tan.

People are attracted to the island of Koh Lipe because its shoreline and turquoise waters are home to some of the most intrinsic coral reefs known accessible to man. Families and tourists of all kinds flock here during peak season, knowing that there is an abundance of sea life to be seen. Avid snorkelers will love the variety of tropical fish and those who are new to snorkelling will be taken back by the colours underneath the crystal waters.

Being an island of the National Park, there are many other natural attractions around Koh Lipe and wonders that draw people to visit this island. Visit some of the many surrounding islands and go deep in the depths of the jungle, if you walk along one of the many trails, you will find a beautiful waterfall with a fresh water pool; perfect to take a dip during the day to cool down. The sounds of the forest ring in your ears in this small gem of a location. Koh Lipe attractions, such as these, are popular sights because they allow you to connect with nature in a supremely natural environment.

Thai Culture

Another star attractions on Koh Lipe is the Hantalay Temple; a Buddhist temple. The temple is located on the road between Sunrise Beach and Sunset Beach, on a small hill in the jungle. Unlike other traditional temples across Thailand, Hantalay is very different. The temple is humble and shack-like, embodying the true spirit of the locals with its simplicity and wooden exterior. In the alter space of the temple lays a huge golden Buddha, where locals come each day to display offerings of thanks and to pray. There are colourful decorations around the temple, displaying images of Buddha and Spiritual messages.

Several monks live at Hantalay Temple, ensuring its maintenance. They also tend to a large number of dogs and cats who live here. The temple monks leave food and take care of the animals every day and there is a donation box for visitors to help the monks with their practice. Although this is not as aesthetically pleasing as most temples in Thailand, it is a worthy attraction, with a subtle energy that brings peace and calm to its visitors.